Can we set off fireworks, have bonfires, or use grills?

Bonfires are only permitted in a designated fire pit on the North Lawn or Grand Lawn or in a resort provided portable fire pit. No outside portable fire pits are permitted. Guest campfires are scheduled regularly; please see our recreation department or recreation schedule for days and times. For safety and security reasons, no bonfires are to be lit by guests or visitors to the resort at any time. Private bonfires must be arranged in advance through the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort sales office at extension 1405. A charge will apply. All bonfires must be completed by 1:00 am 12:00 am on the Grand Lawn or in portable fire pits. No additional firewood will be provided after 11:30 pm. It is not permitted to burn anything in the fire but approved wood. In the event you have an unapproved bonfire, use unapproved wood or use fireworks on resort grounds, you will be charged $150.00 plus damages, and may be asked to leave without a refund. WE ALSO KINDLY ASK THAT YOU DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN GRILL TO THE RESORT. PRIVATE GRILLING IS NOT PERMITTED IN ANY AREA OF THE PROPERTY. PLEASE SEE OUR CONCIERGE OR FRONT DESK FOR AREAS THAT YOU MAY GRILL NEARBY. Thank you! For safety reasons and with respect to other guests, fireworks are NOT permitted anywhere on resort grounds.