Pocono Resort with Snowshoeing

When most people think of winter recreation they think of skiing or snowboarding. But what about those of us who don’t ski or snowboard? What outdoor recreation is available for us? How about Snowshoeing? Snowshoes allow you to walk across the snow instead of sinking into it. It’s also the latest activity to join the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resorts winter recreational list thanks to our partnership with Naturfi Outdoor Recreation. Below we’ll tell you why it is the perfect winter sport for just about anyone!

It’s Easy

If you can walk, you can snowshoe. You’re just going to strap the snowshoes to your own waterproof boots and your off!

No Experience Necessary

No experience needed for snowshoeing. We have children as young as 4, and adults (well into retirement) strapping on some shoes and adventuring out. Here at Shawnee we offer both a basic beginner trail and a more advanced trail for those with experience and the desire for something more challenging.

Very Little Equipment Needed

For starters, you are going to need a little bit of snow on the ground.  Second, at Shawnee, our partners at Naturfi provide the shoes, the trail map, and some pointers to get started. You will need to bring some warm, waterproof boots. We also recommend waterproof snow pants, a nice warm jacket, a hat and warm gloves. Just like with hiking, another Shawnee favorite activity, we advise to dress in layers. You can always remove layers if you work up a good sweat!

Great Form of Exercise

Speaking of sweat, snowshoeing is a great form of exercise. No need to hop on the treadmill, when you can burn just as many calories taking in the beautiful winter scenery around the Shawnee Inn.

It’s Historic, Just Like Shawnee

Snowshoeing dates back over 4,000 years, so just like Shawnee, its historic!

How to Book Snowshoeing

If you would like to add snowshoeing to your overnight stay, simply click BOOK NOW