Top Packing List For A Fall Vacation

It’s no secret that a favorite activity to do in the fall in the Pocono’s is leaf peep. The Pocono’s have some of the prettiest foliage in the fall. And the easiest way to enjoy the fall foliage is by hiking one of the many different trails around Shawnee. But what do you do after the leaves drop, and there’s no snow yet to enjoy your favorite winter activities? The answer is quite simple. You can still enjoy all of our fall activities, like hiking, but now that the leaves have dropped, your view will certainly change (for the better!), and you might need to switch up what you pack in your overnight bag in order to be comfortable.

We’ve come up with a list of items you should pack (and some things you don’t need to bring) as you prepare for a late fall visit to Shawnee.

What to bring
  • Hiking Boots
  • Warm socks
  • Sweater or hooded sweatshirt
  • Light waterproof jacket
  • Hat and gloves
  • Warm clothes (think layers, as cool mornings turn into warm afternoons, before cooling down again as the sun sets)
  • A thermos (keeps your coffee or hot chocolate warm as you enjoy the outdoors)
  • A water bottle (you need to stay hydrated!)
  • A Flashlight
  • Your golf clubs (golf is open until mid-November)
  • An appetite for outdoor adventure!
What NOT to bring
  • Wood for a campfire (we’ll take care of that)
  • Beer (we have plenty!)
  • Blanket (we’ve got you covered-literally)
Fall Activities

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