Bergstol’s Recount of the U.S Open

Wednesday, June 19, 2008 (Shawnee on Delaware, Pennsylvania) — The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort’s touring golf pro, Brian Bergstol, recently played at The U.S. Open, in Torrey Pines, California. An honor reserved for the best athletes in the sport, Brian’s showing garnished him with a new understanding of the greatest game ever played.

Bergstol made quite an impact, qualifying for the U.S. Open only months after becoming a certified professional golfer. With the Open being his first major showing, Brian’s future in golf is certainly bright.

Recounting on his time at The U.S. Open Brian stated, “My most memorable experience would had to have been on Friday after shooting even on hole 8 to hear a huge roar across the valley and looking over to see Phil Mickelson, paired with Tiger Woods, shoot a 70 yard-save for par. It was special to witness and be a part of that moment on the inside of the ropes instead of watching it from the outside.”

“The U.S. Open was a big learning experience for me. It was fun to play in front of an audience of 100,000 people. Torrey Pines is the hardest course I ever played, and Thursday was a bad day to lose my swing,” added Bergstol. After finishing his second day at Torrey Pines with a score of 167, Brian’s journey at the 2008 U.S. Open came to a close.

Between tournaments, Brian will be instructing golf at The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort’s Junior Golf Camps. It is rare for young individuals to have an opportunity to learn the sport from a professional with experience in the U.S. Open, playing with the world’s most elite athletes.

In addition to Brian, other excellent golf professionals instruct the Junior Golf Camps. Jim Miller is a teaching professional with a long list of accomplishments that include qualifying for six and winning two Senior Championship Tournaments and winning both the 1968 Junior PGA and 2004 Shawnee Open Senior Division Championships. Joe Manly is the head golf Professional at Shawnee and has been teaching the Junior Camps for six years. Finally, Rachelle Heil will begin to provide professional instruction as well.

The Junior Camps run in three sessions throughout the summer. The sessions are as followed: June 8th – 10th, July 20th – 27th, and August 10th – 14th. These camps are designed for boys and girls between the ages of 5 – 10 and 10 – 18, depending on the camp.

The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort is excited to have Brian instruct its Junior Golf Camps. To interview Brian or to learn more about the Tillinghast Golf Academy, please call Jeromy Wo, Public Relations Coordinator at: (570) 424-4050 ext. 1409 or visit

For more information or to schedule an interview with Shawnee’s management; please contact Jeromy Wo, Public Relations Coordinator at: (570) 424-4050 ext. 1409 or visit