Connecting at The Shawnee Inn

Top 5 Reasons to Meet Your Clients In-Person

Every year we are astounded with the way advancements in technology have further minimized the manner in which we communicate. Remember those three words that rocked the business world and were even a feature of a 1998 romantic comedy smash hit? “You’ve Got Mail”. Communication and emerging technologies are ever changing, more reliable, cost effective, and better yet more convenient than ever.
Some things, though, will never change. In no particular order, below are the top 5 reasons to meet your clients in person.

1. Show Your Commitment

Actions speak louder than words. Taking the time to meet with your clients in person shows them that you care about their business. Most business professionals could make a full-time job out of responding to e-mails, tweets, facebook messages, texts, and let’s not forget the dying art of the phone call. (Faxes and letters don’t make the cut anymore – sorry). Your time is valuable and sharing it with your clients is important.

If you meet off property, be sure that the location compliments your intent. Show them that they are more than a number by choosing an off-property meeting site that embraces personal service. For instance, at The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, our groups are paired with a personalized sales manager, detailing manager and concierge. It is our goal to ensure that our service exceeds your expectations. We cherish the opportunity to serve our guests individually and they will never feel lost in the crowd.

2. Make a Human Connection

How many times has an electronic communication been misinterpreted? Or better yet, where is the warmth of a text message? Although most business conversations are focused on solving problems in a quick and efficient manner, we can’t forget that business relationships are built by people. Meeting in person is the most efficient and natural way to create a strong business relationship.

Are you interested in strengthening your client relationships further? When choosing an off-property meeting, explore the location’s ancillary offerings. Are there any? At The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, our location provides for endless outdoor opportunities from hiking and biking to golf and river trips. We even have our own ShawneeCraft micro-brewery. Dynamic amenity offerings can only help further establish relationships with your clients.

3. Remove Distractions

Meeting your clients in person means that you will not be competing with e-mail, admins, texts, facebook messages… and the list goes on. Even with in-person office visits it can be difficult to completely eliminate distractions. Sometimes the only way to meet your client in a distraction-free environment is to meet off-property.

If your firm is interested in meeting clients in an environment free of distractions, be sure that the destination is convenient and easy to locate. Find a central location that accommodates both parties. The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort is the first Pennsylvania meeting destination centrally located between, NYC, Philadelphia and New Jersey. Our property is close enough to all major metropolitan area to make traveling here both convenient and distraction-free.

4. Body Language

Misinterpret e-mails much? Let’s face it, even with all of the advancements in technology there is no substitute for reading your client’s body language. E-mail doesn’t communicate the sticker shock of a proposal. Nor does a conference call portray the visual reaction of a team excited for a new launch. The unspoken is sometimes the key to closing a successful deal.

Make sure that your meeting location is flexible and accommodates your needs. Shawnee offers off-property meeting options that accommodate both large and small groups. Our team understands the nuances needed to plan a successful meeting. Is the lighting right? Do you require pro-audio? Are windows a distraction? What kind of seating arrangements serves your purpose?

5. Meeting in Person is Worth Your Time

The old adage “Time is Money” has never been truer. With the advancements in communication technology we can communicate to more people in less time. However, there is no replacement for person to person, face to face communication. Thankfully, meeting in person has never been more cost-effective.

The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort offers a Complete Meeting Package starting at $195 per person / per day. Our Complete Meeting Package includes: Overnight accommodations in a traditional room (single occupancy), three meals daily, AM & PM breaks, Basic AV Package, and Meeting Space. For more information, please call: 570-424-4050 x1405 or e-mail