Shawnee’s Angel Tree

Monday, December 22, 2008 (Shawnee on Delaware, Pennsylvania) — The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort is making the holidays brighter for children in need of an encouraging gesture. Coordinated by Monroe County Children and Youth, the Inn’s employees sponsored children during the holiday season by selecting their name from Shawnee’s Angel Tree.

This year will mark Shawnee’s fourth year participating in the Angel Tree program. This year, 70 Children will have a brighter holiday because of Shawnee’s involvement.

Angel Tree is a Monroe County Children and Youth program that welcomes the participation of local businesses during the holiday season. Each company that takes part in the program pledge to sponsor a specific number of children, and in turn, employees can take it upon themselves to support a child and purchase him or her a gift. The children involved in the Angel Tree program make modest lists for Santa Claus with the hopes of having their wishes fulfilled.

Monroe County Children and Youth is a state mandated agency whose primary purpose is to protect, promote, and or provide for the well being of children, birth through age 18. Children and Youth is responsible for investigating all reports of suspected child abuse and neglect. Children and Youth intervene on the child’s behalf for numerous reasons. Anything from excessive truancy to child abuse warrants Children and Youth to intervene on behalf of the county.

The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort is proud to help make children happier during the holiday season. If your business would like to inquire more about the Angel Tree program please contact Monroe County Children and Youth at: (570) 420.3590. Or if you would like learn more about all of the positive things happening at The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort please call: 800.SHAWNEE (800.742.9633) or visit

For more information or to schedule and interview with Shawnee’s management; please contact Jeromy Wo, Public Relations Coordinator at: (570) 424-4050 ext. 1409 or visit