Shawnee Introduces New Game Menu

Game lovers rejoice! At Shawnee, hunting season means more than just dusting off the camo and stalking your prey. We have an exclusive game menu every Friday and Saturday in the River Room for the month of November! Satisfy your craving for venison, with Chef Dean Gardner’s culinary creations. This new menu is perfect whether you’re not a hunter but love trying unique cuts of meat, or if you’re looking for new and tasty ways to prepare your most recent catch.

This unique menu is a specials menu that will give guests a chance to try wonderfully prepared entrees. Start your meal off with our delicious meatball trio including elk with a lingonberry demi-glace, a buffalo meatball in a gorgonzola cream sauce, and a duck meatball served with a peach sauce. Sink your teeth into our braised rabbit entrée; pan seared bone in rabbit braised in a white wine and Dijon mustard sauce, accompanied by sautéed kale and great northern beans. This menu includes many more unique options including a bison burger, and wild boar stew. Stop in on Fridays and Saturdays to .

Fully commit to the hunting lifestyle this season, or just try something new! At Shawnee, we want to help you channel your inner adventurous diner and celebrate the season you already love with this exquisite selection of game.