Schoolcations at Shawnee

The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort was recently featured on Good Morning America for our innovative Schoolcation program.

School has changed. Our kids no longer have to attend in-person classrooms. Take advantage of the new freedom. Travel to The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort and take advantage of our monitored learning environment (cyber classroom).

Your child can continue their remote education in a safe, clean and monitored learning environment. The monitor will make sure your student learns without any interruptions. This allows you to get that R&R that you deserve.

What makes Schoolcations at Shawnee special are our “extracurricular” activities. From stretching and art to guided hikes and lawn games, Shawnee offers a hands-on experience missing from most online curriculums.

Shawnee’s monitored learning environment is included with every overnight stay at no additional cost.

Click here for more information about The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort’s Schoolcations. To see what Good Morning America wrote about our Schoolcation program click here.