Happy Returns To Shawnee

Hello…. Again.

One of the greatest things about The Shawnee Inn is the benefit of being a repeat guest. As a family owned business, the Inn treats its guests as a part of the family as well. The more you come and make The Shawnee Inn your go-to vacation spot, the more the staff recognizes you as a member of the Shawnee family. There is nothing better than settling into your guest room to find a tray of fresh-baked cookies from The Buckwood Bakery and Café waiting for you, or chocolate-covered strawberries to celebrate your wedding anniversary. A unique thing about Shawnee is that repeat guest perks are customized so that the individual guest will especially appreciate our personal touch in saying, “thank you for visiting again”. Repeat guest benefits are all about welcoming guests back like an old friend. In addition, if guests are celebrating something special, like a birthday, anniversary, or engagement, our concierge try to ensure it is a celebration to remember. Book your second (or third) stay today and appreciate a warm welcome, because we are oh, so happy to see you again.