Explore the Outdoors Like Never Before

At Shawnee, we don’t have to look far to find adventure… it’s basically right in our backyard. Obviously, there are tons of and at our finger tips, since the Delaware is a few steps out our front door. However, one of the greatest and most breathtaking adventures we offer here at Shawnee are waterfall tours. Bushkill Falls, or ‘’ and Dingman’s Falls, which is the second highest waterfall in the state are just a couple of amazing sights our guests see on our waterfall tours. Whether you’re looking to see the well-known waterfalls of the Poconos or want a tour of the Appalachian’s best kept secrets, our waterfall tours are sure to satisfy your inner explorer. There is nothing quite as fulfilling as appreciating nature up close and personal. This summer, set out to discover the authentic outdoors like never before – stand in awe of some of the most beautiful sights mother nature has to offer.