A Team is Born

A Team is Born: Team Building’s Next Step – Team Bonding

How great is your company’s investment in recruiting, hiring, training, and developing your team? To what extent do you endeavor to challenge your lineup through team building exercises that reinforce healthy communication, trust, and leadership? Are you happy with the results?

The birth of a team:

Morning sickness, dizziness, and strange cravings for advanced retargeting metrics!?! A team is built and crafted through the hiring process. What are the parameters? Company needs? Team chemistry? Skills, experience and of course compensation requirements. All of the elements of building your team are clear and concise. You need a person skilled in Google Analytic programming thus you search for a marketing expert with a programming background – problem solved; team built… This step, perhaps, is only the first trimester.

You’ve grown as a team and now you have an intangible glow about you. You and your new lineup are becoming acquainted – and was that the new junior executive’s first kick or just a flutter? My how your team’s dynamic changed since the new hire. It’s time to start building trust and reinforcing the hierarchy of leadership. Team-working your way through a maze blind folded or catching each other as you allow yourself to gently fall helplessly to the earth is just what the HRM ordered. Though you’re getting closer – your team is still growing and changing every day.

Things are getting a little uncomfortable. Yes that was a kick and why is accounting poking me in the ribs? Are we about to burst? Your team is here now – let the bonding begin! Team Bonding transcends Team Building. Yes, some bonding takes place during the team building process. However, team bonding is more than reenacting team metaphors or problem solving. Team bonding is genuine. It is about the experience and authenticity shared between your lineup as people – not team members.

The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort is the perfect destination to both build and bond your team. Our property is located on the banks of the nationally designated Wild and Scenic Delaware River and 70,000 acre Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Shawnee’s team lives in this paradise and we know exactly how to deliver this pristine setting to our guests in a fresh and fulfilling way. We provide a wonderland for your staff to enjoy during and after teambuilding has concluded. From serene outdoor adventures to special dining in our ShawneeCraft microbrewery’s tap room, there is no better place to let your team bond as people enjoying their time and experiences at The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort.