Worthington’s 150th Celebration Ends in Tragedy

For Immediate Release

April 5, 2013 (Shawnee on Delaware, Pennsylvania) – The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort will be the scene of a horrific murder mystery beginning on Friday, April 5, 2013.

On the eve of C.C. Worthington’s 150th birthday, an event to be celebrated and echoed into the halls of Shawnee’s history, a gruesome murder has taken place. C.C. Worthington was an engineer, inventor, was known as the “Father of Golf” and builder of the Shawnee Inn.

The celebration was to be hailed as a new chapter in the historic property’s future. No stone was left unturned as Dafney Tuttora worked diligently to bring together past staff of the Shawnee Inn, descendants of the Worthington family, and history aficionados. The mixture of personalities proved toxic and culminated in murder.

Unfortunately, little is known about the series of tragic events taking place at The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort. Much of the weekend’s proceedings have been veiled in secrecy and most of it will be taken to the grave by the event’s participants.

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