What’s Up? Stand Up Paddleboards

Aloha! Shawnee has brought surfing to the Delaware River – minus the surf. Though it isn’t new, Stand Up PaddleBoarding has been a Hawaiian tradition for nearly a century. Originally used as a means of transportation from island to island, stand up paddleboarding has quickly become a popular water sport in the United States.

Imagine standing on a perfectly stable surfboard floating serenely on the gentle lapping Delaware River. Since much of Shawnee’s section of the Delaware is shallow and perfectly clear, watching and following the aquatic life from your paddleboard is easy and inspiring. Truly, there is nothing like it in the world.

From my experience, being on the river and surrounded by nature clears my mind and washes away the stresses of the world. What’s more, the stress relieving benefits are not limited to Stand Up Paddleboarding. Shawnee has a retinue of options to get you out and on the river! From gentle Canoeing and nimble kayaking to the stability of rafting, we can accommodate your desire for both comfort and adventure.

Next time you are at Shawnee be sure to experience our natural surroundings. We truly have the most unique and special setting in the Pocono Mountains and it is our pleasure to present them to you!