The Appeal of Midweek Weddings

Midweek is the new weekend. When it comes to wedding planning, midweek weddings are the key to finding where you can cut those ever piling up costs. You have begun your wedding planning and every place you call, Saturdays are booked…the reality is Saturdays are usually booked more than a year in advance. So now what? Consider a midweek day, you will find more availability at more locations. With the help of our wedding specialist and special Poconos wedding venues, we have gathered the top reasons for you not to ignore the other 6 days of the week when it comes to planning your special day.

Midweek weddings make it easier to have that special day fall on a predetermined special date such as an anniversary you’d like to continue as a married couple. You won’t have to worry if the 7th falls on a Saturday if you are open to tying the knot on a Friday or Sunday.
Most of the time, hospitality venues are constantly in search of that midweek business and as a result, will offer those dates and packages for far cheaper than the traditional weekend. On less busy days, you will find that some locations are less strict on meeting that minimum number of attendees and won’t be as quick to charge the top price when there isn’t 5 people waiting in line behind you for their event.

A midweek wedding is also beneficial for your out of town guests. Most of the time, they will be able to find cheaper rates for hotel rooms midweek when occupancy is not at its peak. Hotels wanting to get that room revenue during the week, means dropping their rates for you.

So these ideas sound great, but your biggest apprehension of having a non weekend wedding? Some of your guest won’t be able to make it. Some friends and family might have to take an extra day off from work for your midweek wedding which might be tough. But, two things to keep in mind, the traditional work week Monday through Friday is not as popular as it once was. A lot of people now have varying schedules, various days of the week. But, if there are those few that won’t be able to swing it.. there is no doubt you will end up with a core group of your closest friends and relatives which in turn will provide a cozier evening, and plenty of time to spend with each and every one of your guest.

Whether you are looking for beauty in nature, the splendor of a seamless event, or exceptional culinary delights, choosing The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort for your special day will ensure you will have memories to last a lifetime. We offer midweek wedding discounts and a full time staff to make sure your special day is one you have always dreamed of. Contact Simone, your Wedding Coordinator at 800-SHAWNEE (742-9633) ext. 1407.