Watch a Great Play without Paying Broadway Prices

Sometimes after a long day of exploring the Poconos, you may feel like taking a seat, but not quite finishing your day. For some entertainment right in Shawnee that won’t put any strain on your feet, stop into a show at the Shawnee Playhouse. It’s an easy distance from the Shawnee Inn, and the venue hosts plays all year round. And, unlike what you might think about most playhouses, this one sells relatively inexpensive tickets.

If you’re in Shawnee over the summer, you’ll have the option to catch several of their summertime shows—all family friendly—such as The Addams Family, The Honky Tonk Angels, and Mary Poppins. While the playhouse is small, there is still a lot of variety in shows to choose from, so you can probably come to an agreement among your family no matter how many people you’re bringing along.

The shows begin a little later than dinnertime, so you’ll most likely want to eat beforehand and not let your stomach rumble during the performance. For the easiest possible dinner option, consider purchasing one of Shawnee Playhouse’s dinner and show packages, and you’ll be served a meal at the Playhouse itself. This does add a bit to the cost of each ticket, though, so you may want to eat somewhere nearby instead.

Within a leisurely walking distance of the Shawnee Playhouse, you’ll find The Gem and Keystone Brewpub and The River Room. The Brewpub is a great place to grab some seafood, pretzels, a burger, and a glass of craft beer—and if you’re there during the day time, you can overlook the woods from their outdoor patio. The River Room is a little more upscale (you may want to reserve a table in advance for dinner), and its menu is varied and crowd-pleasing.

After you see your play, the sun will have set long ago, and you may be ready to return to the Shawnee Inn. The trek is only a half-mile long, so you could walk to return if you wanted to, and easily tuck yourself into a nice, warm bed.

552 River Road
Shawnee on DE, PA 18356