Top Rated Ski Instructors at Shawnee

Planning on learning to ski this winter? The Pocono Mountains is the perfect place to suit up and click in for the first time. Shawnee Mountain is one of the Pocono Mountain’s sought after ski and snowboard destinations and is just minutes from The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort. Shawnee Mountain sits just outside the 70,000 acre Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, and is Pennsylvania’s beginner friendly mountain and #1 for families. With nationally recognized Ski-Wee program to professional Ski and Snowboard instructors – Shawnee Mountain has been the Poconos’ leader in safely getting people on the slopes for decades.

It gets even better, leading the learn to ski initiative at Shawnee Mountain is a man who travels here each winter from Austria. Heinz Oberhauser will be turning 77 years old this March. He has been with Shawnee Mountain for over 35 years, and is a level 3 PSIA instructor which he has maintained his whole career at Shawee Mountain. He spends the winter here in the Pocono Mountains from October to March and when the ski season wraps up, he travels back to Austria. Heinz is a ski instructor for all ages wishing to learn the sport, an instructor for the mountain and also teaches Shawnee Mountain’s staff of the safety and instruction of the sport every winter. Learning to ski and snowboard can turn into a lifelong hobby and it is an experience Shawnee Mountain is proud to create for their guests.

There is no better place in the Poconos to experience winter recreation so come learn from the best. The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort offers overnight accommodations or visit here for tailored Ski and Stay Packages for you and your family. We will see you on the mountain!