The Shawnee Inn Makes Contribution to Delaware Highlands Conservancy

Thursday, December 8, 2016 (Shawnee on Delaware, PA) – The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, located directly atop the banks of the Delaware River, is recognized for its rich history and breath-taking views of the Delaware River and surrounding Pocono Mountains. As a gesture of gratitude for its beautiful surroundings and environment, the resort prides itself on green and eco-friendly practices. To maintain and preserve our habitat, this historic golf resort participates as a Green Lodging Partner to the Delaware Highlands Conservancy by collecting donations from their guests.

When guests book a stay at The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, they receive an opportunity to support the Delaware Highlands Conservancy, an accredited land trust organization dedicated to conserving the natural heritage and quality of life in the Upper Delaware River region. This optional two-dollar donation added to guests’ bill is a small donation that makes a huge difference; a $13,412.98 difference, to be exact.

Since joining the Green Lodging Partner program in April 2015, the resort has collected a whopping $13,412.98 for the Delaware Highlands Conservancy. This vital partnership helps preserve the beautiful lands, pristine waters and abundant outdoor activities the resort offers to guests that make the Delaware River region so unique.

As a proud member of the Delaware Highlands Conservancy Green Lodging Partnership, The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort commits itself to protecting the Delaware Water Gap region, its water quality and natural assets. The resort encourages guests to share the enthusiasm for this worthwhile initiative.


About the Delaware Highland Conservancy: The Conservancy is committed to protecting its natural heritage and sustaining a rural quality of life by focusing on the connections between people, healthy lands and waters, and strong local economies. Through its land protection efforts and community outreach, the Conservancy connects the region’s local communities to the importance of actively supporting and sustaining farms, forests, and waters. With the support of its members and strong core of citizen volunteers, they conserve the precious agricultural and forest lands vital to healthy local foods, clean drinking water, biological diversity, outdoor recreation, and to the overall beauty and quality of life in the Upper Delaware River region.