Spring Time at Spa Shawnee

As February turns into March, we also say farewell to winter weather. Goodbye to soft blankets and warm comfortable sweaters! Can you tell we love winter at Shawnee? We love every season and there is always a reason to look forward to the opportunities of the upcoming weather.

From time to time we have to tidy up from the season that just past. In the fall, we must rake leaves, in the summer – grass must be trimmed and flowers need extra love in the form of daily watering.

As winter turns into spring, it leaves with it dry skin and hair. What makes winter’s cold and crisp air so magical also takes a toll on our more fragile features.

Thankfully at Spa Shawnee and Salon, we have exactly what you need to recoup from our dazzling winter. From facials and other skin treatments to hair conditioning treatments, you’ll be ready for all of the vitamin D you’re about to absorb from our warm and beautiful sun!

Give us a call at: 1-800-SHAWNEE (800-742-9633). We’re always happy to hear from you!