Special Amenities Available Exclusively At The Inn At Shawnee

Emma’s Friends Products Support People With Disabilities

SHAWNEE ON DELAWARE, Pennsylvania (April 22, 2009) — The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort has placed the Emma’s Friends line of handcrafted soaps, lotions and shampoos in its guest rooms, suites and on-site shop, the first resort anywhere to offer these special products.

Emma’s Friends, founded and located in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania (about 40 miles from the resort) was inspired by a mother’s love for her daughter with multiple disabilities. The line includes handcrafted soaps, lotions, sugar scrubs, sea salts, bath soaks, lip balms, and liquid soaps. All soaps are handmade from oils, butters and other natural ingredients, with bar soaps containing a minimum of 45% olive oil. Lotions are made from shea and cocoa butters, goat’s milk, aloe vera and other light, skin-loving oils.

The company seeks to employ individuals with disabilities creatively, offering them an opportunity to enjoy their work and share it with others.

“Through the purchase of Emma’s Friends products, our customers are given an opportunity to appreciate our Friends’ abilities and recognize the joy they offer their families and communities,” said Lynn Elko, company founder. “To meet Shawnee’s needs we’ve acquired a filling machine and labeler to expedite bottling. There has been a great deal of excitement amongst our Friends over their new jobs.”

Products are created in small batches to ensure high quality. “Each batch of soap, being handcrafted, may look a little different although the ingredients remain the same,” Elko explained. “Call it creative license!”

According to Rob Howell, general manager of The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, each of historic Inn’s 80 rooms, 12 rooms in the Delaware Lodge, six suites and two cottages in the Legacy Collection, Shawnee’s luxury accommodations, will feature handcrafted soaps, shampoo and lotions.

For more information on the product line, contact Lynn Elko at 570/956-9334 or via email at lynn@emmasfriends.com. The web site is http://www.EmmasFriends.com/.

For more information or to schedule and interview with Shawnee’s management; please contact Jeromy Wo, Public Relations Coordinator at: (570) 424-4050 ext. 1409 or visit ShawneeInn.com.