Team Building to Benefit Our Guests

Shawnee’s Team is about to get even stronger! We plan to host weekly events, allowing the employees to spend time together, learn how to achieve common guest service goals, and of course, get outside on our beautiful property. This new program includes bi-weekly luncheons, weekly Breakfast and Learn Seminar and weekly team building activities including golf lessons, river trips, and group hikes – talk about a busy schedule! So…What do these activities entail? Our staff members are excited to engage in:

  1. Weekly learning breakfast: A one-hour class once a week, starting at 8 am that will cover relevant topics to providing excellent guest service, employees will even receive incentives to attend.
  2. Bi-weekly luncheons:  to promote comradery and celebrate cultural diversity, staff members will come together every other week to enjoy a group luncheon.
  3. Weekly golf lessons, river trips, and nature hikes: When you work at a golf resort, you might as well learn to golf! Starting this season, we will offer group golf lessons for employees to take part in to provide team building, and an opportunity to get out on the course. The outdoor fun does not stop at golf; we plan to offer staff river trips as well, inviting employees to take a break from their work day to enjoy the Delaware River up close and personal. Lastly, our staff will get a chance to explore the outdoors on weekly guided hikes as well.