Shawnee Hires Paranormal Investigation Team

Article written by Jeromy Wo, Public Relations–From time to time guests and staff of The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort have engaged us to inquire about the property’s history. It would be misleading if we suggested that the only interest we receive is in Shawnee’s physical world history. We have received comments and inquiries about our property’s paranormal activity. Whether it is an unexplained experience or something published, we felt that it was time to get some answers about our property’s paranormal history.

After some research Shawnee hired the C.O.R.E Paranormal Investigation Team (C.O.R.E Phenomena Research) to evaluate whether or not any entities reside within the halls of the Shawnee Inn. The team has provided Shawnee with a report of their findings. We can’t say that we were necessarily shocked by their evaluation. Based on decades of guest and staff encounters, we were prepared for whatever C.O.R.E presented.

Shawnee will not be publishing the report. However, we are extending the opportunity to meet with the C.O.R.E Paranormal Investigation Team to learn about their practice and to retrace the investigation they performed at The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort. You will have an opportunity to review the team’s findings. Click here for more information about the Paranormal Weekend at Shawnee.

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