Pocono Weddings & Micro-Weddings

Recently Engaged?

Did you recently get engaged? We know that planning a wedding can be tough, and we are here to help! Our experienced wedding coordinator can help you plan every little detail to make your wedding day go over flawlessly. We are your one stop shop, from rehearsal dinners(at our very own brewery), overnight accommodations, spa services, ceremonies, receptions, to wedding after parties, goodbye brunch, or a fun group trip down the  Delaware River – it can all be done at our historic resort. Contact us today to schedule a tour and meet with our wedding professional!

Read below to learn more about our micro-wedding package if you are looking for a smaller ceremony/reception.

Introducing a Micro-wedding

A micro wedding, minimony, tiny wedding, or whatever name you wish to call it, involves the bride and groom, and 25 (or less) of their closest family members and friends. Some couples choose to get married on the date of their choosing, and then have a big celebration on their one year anniversary or a few years later. Others choose just to elope. And still other couples choose to have elaborate small gatherings (spending their wedding budget on flowers, centerpieces or gifts for their attendees).

Planning a Micro-wedding

How do you begin to plan a micro-wedding? To start, choose the right Poconos wedding venues. What appeals to you and your significant other? Have you considered a destination wedding? Next consider if you want to include a wedding party. After that decide on your guests, and don’t be afraid to reconsider allowing plus ones. You want the people that matter most to you as a couple to be a part of your big day, not necessarily your best friends flavor of the week. 🙄

Make sure you find the right officiant, whether it be a member of the clergy, a locally elected official, or your college roommate with the certificate he purchased online when he was bored one night. Next get creative with your wedding elements. Maybe you want simple decor, or maybe you want something extravagant, there is no right or wrong answer. Lastly, don’t be afraid to embrace the services of a professional wedding planner! It’s what they do best, in fact they’ve made a living out of it! They can sit with you and help decide what is best for both bride and groom on their magical day.

A Minimony at Shawnee

The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort has created a package for brides and grooms that wish to go the route of a micro-wedding. A minimony at Shawnee includes an intimate ceremony and dinner reception. The bride and groom get their choice of tablecloth and napkin color, a champagne toast, and plated dinner service with a 2 hour call brand service. The happy couple will receive a complimentary traditional room for their wedding night. And best of all, you get the undivided attention of our professional wedding planner!

To discuss your Pocono’s wedding or micro-wedding at Shawnee email sales@shawneeinn.com or visit our Poconos weddings page.