Pocono Hike Packing List

Hiking in the Poconos varies by season. There is no single list that prepares a hiker for every season in the Poconos.

Below are descriptions for each season of hiking in the Delaware Water Gap and Poconos.

Spring Hiking

The Pocono’s has some beautiful weather during March and May. During the spring months expect a wonderful mix of flowers and trees budding and blooming. With no leaves on the trees yet, you will see unobstructed picturesque views of the mountains, rivers and streams that make up the Poconos.

Summer Hiking

One of the things that guests love about Shawnee in the summertime is the lush vegetation that surrounds the property. That same vegetation is what surrounds you when you hike any of the local trails in the Pocono’s during the summer months. Expect to see trees like Tulip Poplar, Birch, Oak and Sassafras, and shrubs like Rhododendron. You will love discovering special hidden waterfalls and swimming holes, perfect for cooling off during a hot day. A bustling variety of wildlife can be found on the trails during the summer months. Be on the look out for deer, birds of prey, reptiles, and various insects as you enjoy your hike.

Fall Hiking

The Poconos is known for the amazing fall foliage we experience every year. Besides the beautiful foliage, the fall months have near perfect weather for hiking. Cool, brisk mornings turn into warm afternoons. It is no wonder that hiking in Autumn is so popular, the views alone are absolutely breath taking.

Winter Hiking

A winter hike in the Pocono’s is known for its aesthetic beauty, and unobstructed views of the mountains. Truly a winter wonderland with fresh snow and ice on the waterfalls. One will also experience a beautiful silence that brings a feeling of Zen.

Please click here for a gear check list for each season.