Ladies and the Game of Golf

At The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort in the Pocono Mountains we take pride in having both men and women’s golf leagues. But, you will find that golf isn’t spread out evenly amongst men and women players everywhere. Let’s talk about golf, “a men’s game… a game your dad played with his buddies, a game your husband tries to fit in once a week with his friends”. Believe it or not, unfortunately that is what 81% of the golf population is. Dads, husbands.. men. Only 19% of all golfers are women according to the National Golf Foundation. Why?

Well, ask yourself. Golf has traditionally been a men’s sport, but in all reality it isn’t. At first perception, it appears that you need brute strength to smash the ball down the fairway, but golfers slowly learn it is more of a finesse game than anything. When you learn about golf a bit more, given you aren’t in it for any type of competition or profession, golf is mostly a social experience. It is, a couple hours out with friends, conversation going the whole time. It is, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and enjoying the outdoors. It is, a cocktail or  beer during your round you grab from the beverage cart that drives around.

What is one thing in all that which doesn’t sound appealing for women. Nothing! Not to mention, it is a sport you can play well into your senior years.

At The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort we offer special golfing rates on Wednesdays for ladies. $39 for an 18-hole round with cart included. And, just up the road sits Great Bear Golf Club, Northeast Pennsylvania’s only Jack Nicklaus course and owned by The Shawnee Inn.  Great Bear Golf Club is one of the nations top women friendly courses! With the hustle and bustle of today’s routine, there’s no better time to take a few hours, head out with some friends and recharge on the course!

To book a tee time at The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort call 570-213-5060 or at Great Bear Golf Club (570) 213-5400. Not convinced yet? How about taking some time on the driving range to practice or sign up for a lesson with our teaching professional. Visit here for golf lesson and instruction information. We have packages tailored for all skill levels.