It’s a Train, It’s a Bike, It’s Both

    If you’re an active person, but want to see more of the Poconos region in one day than a hike can accomplish, consider taking a bike train at the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway. While the starting point for this adventure is about an hour drive away from the Shawnee Inn, this unique experience warrants the journey.

    This two-part sight-see begins with a train ride that will take you uphill, doing all the hard work for you. During this train ride, you’ll also hear guides tell you about the history of the region, the railway, and the sights you’re seeing. If you really want to be able to take it all in, there is an available option to sit in an open car—also a great way to cool off on a hot summer day.

    Once you’re about 25 miles out, the train will stop to let the bike riders depart. You can even rent a bike if you’re not able to bring your own with you, so there’s no worry about gathering any equipment you might need. If you’re not feeling too confident in your biking, or you just want to go at a leisurely pace and appreciate the beautiful mountains, there’s no worry needed there, either. You set the pace for your own return bike ride, so there’s no pressure to keep up with any fitness buffs or speed demons. This is also a great opportunity to spend time at any of the sights you noticed from the train and want to see again.

    You’ll probably have worked up quite an appetite after 25 miles, so you may want to treat yourself to a meal in Jim Thorpe. You may want to grab a giant dinner and a couple of beers at Molly Maguires Pub and Steakhouse, or maybe you want to celebrate your accomplishment with fine dining at Tony Stella’s Encore. Either way, it will mean you’re full and happy on your way back to Shawnee Inn, where you can relax and stretch your legs.


1 Susquehanna St

Jim Thorpe, PA 18252