Haunting at The Shawnee Inn

This April, The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort will be exploring its haunted past. From time to time guests of the Inn claim they have experienced the unexplainable. Some of the staff of the Inn claim they witnessed the supernatural while on-property.

Our historic property was built in 1911. Prior to that, the Lenape tribe inhabited our land. The Delaware River was a sacred passageway to the Lenape and our land was the most fertile in the region. The river valley provided great bounty for the people.

So much has happened here and over such a long timeline that the depth of history that graced our Shawnee Inn is hard to track.

Many guests have requested to learn more about Shawnee’s history. To be more specific, Shawnee’s haunted past. Our team spent some time trying to figure out how we can accommodate our guest’s desires. We arrived at the conclusion that sharing some of our staff and guest’s most reoccurring experiences is probably the only way to deliver on these requests.

On the weekend of April 3, 2020, The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort will be hosting a Shawnee Haunting package. The package will feature two nights of accommodations, breakfast each morning, dinner Saturday evening, a cocktail hour, numerous activities featuring anecdotal stories, hands-on investigations and more. By the end of the weekend, we hope that your thirst to understand Shawnee’s haunted past is quenched.

For reservations, please call: 800-SHAWNEE (800-742-9633) or click here.