Last Strokes of the Season

The summer may have come to an end, pumpkin flavor everything is already everywhere you turn. But here at The Shawnee Inn, golf season is still at it’s peak.

With temperatures floating in the 70’s and the leaves just starting to change, you can not ask for better golf weather. To some, golfing in the fall is better than in the peak of the season.. for many reasons. The temperatures have dropped to a comfortable temperature and you are no longer tiring from the blazing summer sun. A light jacket may be all you need. The summer vacationers and crowds have since gone home for the summer leaving the course with plenty of room to get in your round in 4 hours. And, to top it off , the beautiful fall foliage of the Pocono Mountains in your back drop as your driving that ball down the fairway.

It’s a perfect time to bring a friend out on the course who is still learning the game or to get your last golf weekend in with your buddies. If you’ve golfed here at The Shawnee Inn in the past, you know we take our bridge down every season which connects the golf island to the main land, so get your last strokes in before we have to pack the clubs up for the winter!