Farm Fresh Produce at Shawnee Inn

flourish every summer with a plethora of vegetables and other buoyant greenery. Weekly, our farmer, nurtures, harvests, cleans and produces an abundance of immense, crisp, colorful plants for purchase at our Farmer’s Market on Tuesday evenings from 5:30 – 8:00pm. Bulbous eggplants, vibrant Chinese fire peppers, and the suitably named dragon egg cucumbers are all available for purchase.

In addition to our newly harvested vegetables, the Farmer’s Market also provides fresh, warm zucchini bread made with our very own zucchinis from the Shawnee Island Farm.

If any vegetables are not sold at the market, we hand deliver them to our River Room and Gem and Keystone for use in their menu dishes.
Local, organic, fresh, and cheap; what more could you ask for?