Discover Dingmans Falls

If you want a pleasant walk through nature without all the sweating and sore legs, it’s time to check out Dingmans Creek Trail. Part of the Delaware Water Gap Park, Dingmans Creek Trail is a very easy, part dirt-trail and part wooden walkway, so it’s great if you’re not in the mood for an intense hike. What makes it great is what’s at the end of it: Silver Thread Falls, a skinny but very long waterfall, and Dingmans Falls, the second tallest falls in Pennsylvania, so impressively big you can feel the mist from it at the end of the trail. Located about a half hour from the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, the trail’s two falls are worth the journey, and make for a fabulous photo opportunity and a romantic walk that won’t leave you winded.

Address: 224 Dingmans Falls Rd, Dingmans Ferry