Bike or Run the Shawnee Trails

Inhale that fresh mountain air! Are you looking to catch a glimpse of the native wildlife, observe the seasonal foliage, or listen to the gently flowing waters of the Delaware River? Riding or running the trails at The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort allows you the opportunity to experience it all. Choose between the two- or three-mile loop or if you’re really feeling adventurous, do both!

The two-mile red trail takes you from the Main Inn across the Grand Lawn and past the legacy collection cottages. You’ll pass Worthington and Minisink Roads on your left while following the river to your right. As the path curves up, take Depuy Drive to its end, then turn around to come back. Along the way, you might encounter wildlife like the ruffed grouse, raccoon, river otter, eastern gray squirrel, white-tailed deer, red fox, eastern coyote, and black bear. You might even see the bald eagles who nest on Shawnee Island. You might not see them but will certainly hear numerous songbirds that call this trail home. You may also take note of the many trees that grow in the rich soils along the floodplain of the Delaware River, some of which include the sugar maple, red oak, white pine, sycamore, beech, and walnut.

The three-mile blue trail takes you from the Inn up the main drive to Golf Course Drive. As you follow Golf Course Drive, to your left will be the golf course and Delaware River, and to your right will be Delaware Lodge and the timeshare villas. At the end of the timeshare villas, you will enter the wooded path known as Rainbow Alley, this connects to Ickes Memorial Drive, and then to Eilenberger Landing Lane. At the end of Eilenberger Landing Lane, you will turn around to come back to the Shawnee Inn. Along this path, you might encounter some of the same wildlife as that of the Red Trail, as well as spotting some of the same foliage.

Whether you be a hardcore cyclist or a casual rider, an avid runner or simply looking to take a leisurely stroll now is the time to hit the trails at The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort! Plus, we have expert tips on the best Poconos hiking trails near Shawnee Inn.