Because Dad Deserves a Treat

Father’s Day flyer

On Sunday, June 16th take time out to celebrate Dad. Growing up, my sisters and I practiced the tradition of waking up early to serve our parents breakfast in bed – burnt toast and all! Our tradition did not waiver between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day – we celebrated them both the same. Now as adults, the way in which we celebrate these holidays evolved with us. Breakfast in bed for Mom has transformed into new tomato plants and brunch at her favorite restaurant and Dad now gets treated to a day of golf or fishing. Do you think they miss the burnt toast?

Most of us have lived on our own for decades and with our busy lives, the greatest gift we could give is our time. So how can Shawnee help? We are busy preparing all of our great Father’s Day offerings. From our fabulous $125 Golf & Spa day and a $50 Canoe and Brew Trip to a $50 Steaks and Suds Dinner at The River Room, we know that spending time with Dad is the most important gift anyone could give on this special day.

To book any of these Father’s Day Specials, call 800-SHAWNEE (742-9633).