Autumn Cleaning – Annual River Road Clean Up

Did you know that The Shawnee Inn hosts a River Road Cleanup twice each year?  The event is part of the Shawnee Inn’s environmental engagement plan that encompasses everything from water conservation to farming. 

For over a decade, the Shawnee Inn has cleaned River Road of litter.  Two years ago, for the 10th Annual River Road Cleanup, the Shawnee Inn officially adopted River Road.  In adopting River Road, Shawnee has committed to cleaning the scenic roadway twice per calendar year.

This year, the Shawnee Inn will be conducting the Fall River Road Cleanup on Saturday, October 5, 2014 from 9:00 am to 11:30 am.  After the cleanup, a volunteer appreciation lunch will be held at The Gem and Keystone Brewpub.

For more information about the River Road Cleanup or to volunteer, please contact Tammy by telephone at: 570-424-4050 x1405 or by e-mail at:

Article by Jeromy Wo, Public Relations
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