A Zoo for Real Animal Lovers

Reconnecting with nature and animals is one prime reason to take a trip to the Shawnee area of Pennsylvania. To meet someone who cares as much about animals as you do, and wants to share her animal friends, go just over a mile down the road from The Shawnee Inn to the Pocono Snake and Animal Farm. Unlike a full-size zoo, the environment here is more laid-back and you’ll have the chance to get even closer and interact with the animals. You can toss food to the monkeys, or feed a piglet with a bottle—knowing all the while that these animals are being rescued and well taken care of. The animals here are also notoriously lively—it’s a great place to not only see the lemurs, but watch them jump around and play. And when you’re done playing at the zoo, it’s a good walk or quick drive away from The Shawnee, so the trip can fit easily into a lazy afternoon.