A Poconos Weekend Getaway or Midweek Getaway

We all know that weekends are everyone’s go to when it comes to a quick getaway. Kids don’t have school, most adults don’t have work, and there are plenty of activities and events that take place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. But what about midweek? Restaurants and shops are still open. Activities and events are still being held. The beauty of nature is still present. So here are the top reasons you should choose a midweek vacation over a weekend vacation.

Why Book Midweek?

1. It’s CHEAPER!

There is no doubt that hotel rates are lower midweek. Weekends sell out fast, and because of the high demand, hoteliers will offer a lower rate to encourage midweek bookings. And it’s not just hotel rates that are lower midweek. With fewer guests dining at restaurants, restaurant owners will often offer specials and deals during the week to help fill seats. Events and theme parks will often offer lower rates for midweek as well.

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2. Less Wait Times…EVERYWHERE!

With fewer people traveling during the week, it means less wait times at restaurants, attractions, and other activities and events.  You might not even need advanced reservations for dining or spa appointments. With check-in at 4pm and check-out at 11am it means you are missing all the heavy commuter rush hour traffic first thing in the morning or later in the evening!

3. Social Distancing, No Problem

Traveling midweek means less crowds at area attractions, like hiking trails, shopping plazas, movie theaters, area parks, and other theme parks and venues.

Shawnee is close to numerous hiking trails here in the Poconos. However, many have limited parking available. Going mid-week not only allows for ample parking, but it also ensures that the trails won’t be as busy either. No need to try and edit strangers out of your photo’s.

4. Personalized Instruction

If you sign up for a group instructional activity you may be the only member(s) of the class and will therefore receive private or more tailored instruction. For example, Shawnee offers outdoor archery with lessons from one of our guides. On the weekends this class fills quickly and private instruction is lost as the guide must offer the lesson to numerous participants in the group all at one time. Booking this activity midweek will often allow you to receive a personalized lesson and allow for more time target shooting.

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5. Events and Activities SOLD OUT

Not during the week! Just like hotel rooms, popular events and activities will sell out on the weekend, but a lot of those events and activities also have availability during the week. And as we mentioned before, you might even be able to get them at a reduced price, or experience them in a more intimate setting. You can also enjoy events that are targeted to the local community, such as local open mics, concerts, trivia nights or farmers markets.

Shawnee offers a complimentary concert series on Tuesday evenings geared towards the community, but our overnight guests also get to enjoy the free performance. ShawneeCraft brewery holds open mic every Thursday night drawing locals to our taproom and beergarden, but plenty of our guests will take the stage and surprise us with their talents!

Are you ready to visit Shawnee?

As you can see, a midweek getaway is just as much fun and relaxing as a weekend getaway. But no matter when you choose to getaway, Shawnee is always ready to welcome you!

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