About Us

About Us

Our History

The history of Shawnee is very important to us and we love to share it with our guests. We are reminded of our roots and what has been accomplished here. It all began in the late 1890s, when a native New Yorker and successful business owner, Charles Campbell Worthington, took up summer residence in Shawnee. An engineer and inventor by trade, C.C. Worthington was also an outdoorsman who’d never enjoyed urban living. Soon, he relocated to his summer home, and began to make his mark on the area. Among his legacies are Worthington Hall (home of the Shawnee Playhouse) and the Buckwood Inn (now Shawnee Inn).


Map of the Grounds

Get the lay of the land before you arrive.

Our Vision

Simply we want our guests to consider us the best resort in the Northeastern United States. to view our vision, mission and core values.

Community Responsibility

The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort has a strong sense of responsibility to the Pocono Mountains community. The residents and visitors to our resort area are a vital part of what makes this region such a fascinating destination. Supporting organizations that care for our neighbors, families and even staff members is an important part of our mission. Click here to view our community responsibility promise.

Self Guided Historic Walk

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to find frequently asked questions and answers about The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort located in Shawnee on Delaware, PA. If you don't find the answer you're searching for, please contact us.