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Cleaning Up for a Cleaner Passage to Recreation

River Road provides it tenants with safe passage to paradise. Among the many bucolic stops along River Road is The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort. For the past twelve years, Read more


Environmental Friendly Practices to Help Save the Monarch Butterfly.

What do butterflies, The Shawnee Inn, and milkweed have in common? Shawnee's land management practices foster healthy milkweed growth leading to a strong local Monarch butterfly population. Read more

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Tapping Trees to make Maple Syrup

A practice of tapping our own trees, drawing it's sap and making maple syrup right here on property coincides with The Shawnee's "green philosophy" Read more


St. Patty's Day, Extended

Why let the St. Patrick's Day revelry end on the 17th? Here in the Pocono Mountains at The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, the fun continues into St. Patrick's Weekend when we welcome the Curious Dog band to the ShawneeCraft Tap Room for a spirited evening of music, food and friends. Read more


So Much Depends on a Green Corporate Meeting

So much depends upon a green corporate meeting. There is no interpretation required in that line. Your meetings are important. The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort's natural setting is important. So much depends on both in order to be successful. Read more

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Golf is Around the Corner in Northeast Pa

It may not seem like it right now, but believe it or not Spring is right around the corner and that means golf in northeast PA! Read more


Top 10 Wedding Testimonials: Shawnee Weddings

When it comes to planning your special day, there are so many moving pieces to get, just right. Another piece to this journey that is just as important if not more, than all those fine details.. it's who you and your significant other choose to help plan this amazing event. Read more


Headliner Horrors

If you love great live theater (and laughs), you won't want to miss the Shawnee Playhouse's latest production: The Little Shop of Horrors. Now running through March 9, this classic theatrical comedy tells the tale of Seymour, a love-lorn floral assistant, who stumbles upon an exotic plant with a mysterious craving for flesh and blood. Read more


Best Group Golf Destination

One of the many benefits of choosing The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort for your next group golf outing is that we are experts in both golf and hospitality. Read more


Take your Business Meeting to the Brewery

When your team calls for taking it a step further to dive into that out of box thinking consider the Shawneecraft Brewery for your meeting. Yes! A brewery. Read more


Build that Connection at The Shawnee Inn

Every year we are astounded with the way advancements in technology have further minimized the manner in which we communicate. Read more


Midweek is the New Weekend for Weddings

When it comes to wedding planning, midweek weddings are the key to finding where you can cut those ever piling up costs. Read more


Take The Plunge

This winter, store the skis and snowboards for at least a few hours and take the plunge - the Pocono Plunge. Read more


A Team is Born: Team Building's Next Step?" Team Bonding

How great is your company's investment in recruiting, hiring, training, and developing your team? To what extent do you endeavor to challenge your lineup through team building exercises that reinforce healthy communication, trust, and leadership? Read more

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Learn to Ski with Top Rated Ski Instructor at Shawnee Mountain

Leading Shawnee Mountain's "learn to ski" initiative is a man who travels to the Pocono Mountains each winter from Austria. Heinz Oberhauser will be turning 77 years old this March. Read more


Top 10 Romances at Shawnee

To help you and your significant other plan your romantic getaway to The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, we have taken the time to narrow down the Top 10 Romance Opportunities at our property. Read more


A President's Day Weekend in the Pocono Mountains

A President's Day getaway to the Pocono Mountains with the ones you love is the perfect place to cease those winter blues and indulge in a snowy wonderland. Read more


Savor the Flavors of Christmas

A long-standing tradition, the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort's Christmas Day Buffet is a holiday feast unrivaled in the Poconos. Read more


Experience Learn to Ski Month at Shawnee Mountain

January is National Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month and The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort is pleased to announce its participation in this nationwide effort to get people outside and on the slopes. Read more


Martin Luther King Holiday Weekend Escape

A quick getaway for the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend is the perfect remedy for holding off the winter boredom. The Pocono Mountain's Shawnee Inn proposes a holiday weekend escape. Whether you are packing up the kids to get out of the city for some fresh air... Read more


Top 5 Ways to Save with Ski Travel

When the weather gets colder, and especially after the first snow fall of the season, winter sports enthusiasts begin to get that itch. You know what we are talking about. It starts with seeing that first brisk fog and is quickly followed by early morning defrost sessions in your car. After that, it doesn't take long... Read more

Breakfast With Santa

Take Time To Reconnect With Family

Holiday traditions at The Shawnee Inn are a great way for us to share our culture and values with you and your family.  You can find your holiday getaway here at the Shawnee Inn where we provide an atmosphere for families to come and reconnect, Read more


All Aboard!

Fans of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol won't want to miss the Erie Lackawanna Dining Car Preservation Society's Dickensian Holiday Express, a family-friendly train ride aboard the Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad on November 30 and December 7. Read more


Black Friday Travel Deals to the Poconos

Stay at home.  A statement seldom written by the travel industry.  But there are some holidays and traditions, Thanksgiving for example, which should transcend the romance of box store bargains.  This year, enjoy Thanksgiving dinner wi Read more


A Thanksgiving Getaway

Thousands travel to the Pocono Mountains every year to see the changing leaves of the fall season. The Shawnee Inn, sitting on the bank of the Delaware River is engulfed in the center of this colorful marvel. Inspired by this whimsical time, The Shaw Read more


The Road to Snacking Enlightenment

While you're staying at Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, consider a five-minute trip up River Road to the Popcorn Buddha -- it is the answer to every popcorn lover's dream. The popular shop has more than 80 lip-smacking flavors, made fresh every day in-store. Be prepared to spend a little extra time because choosing a flavor can be overwhelming. Read more

Can I Borrow a Brew?

Sure, we love a custom-crafted ale as much as the next guy (or girl) but when our ShawneeCraft beer meets Shawnee Spa's all-natural mud wrap, well, let's just say we're willing to sacrifice an ale or two in the name of wellness. Read more