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Kirkwood Kölsch … PITCHER $22.00 | GROWLER $25.00 | REFILL $22.00
Named after the family that makes Shawnee possible, this traditional German Kolsch is light and refreshing, clear and crisp, perfect for every type of weather and any situation.   ABV 5% IBU 25 OG 1.044

Session IPA … PITCHER $22.00 | GROWLER $25.00 | REFILL $22.00
A crushable IPA that is light in body, low in alcohol, but bursting in fresh citrus flavor thanks to a copious amount of American hop varieties.
ABV 4.5% IBU 35 OG 1.046

Bière Blanche … PITCHER $22.00 | GROWLER $25.00 | REFILL $22.00
This Belgian-style wheat beer is refreshing, tart, and spicy, with just a touch of
Mediterranean coriander and bitter Curaçao orange peel.
ABV 5% IBU 16 OG 1.047

Session Porter … PITCHER $22.00 | GROWLER N/A | REFILL N/A
This porter is rich and dark with chocolate and black currant overtones. Served on nitrogen draft for a smooth and creamy mouthfeel.
ABV 5.1% IBU 18 OG 1.076

ABV (Alcohol By Volume) – The amount of alcohol (expressed as a percentage) per volume of finished beer.

IBU (Int’l Bitterness Units) – A relative measure of the hop bitterness of the finished beer. High I.B.U. means a beer that’s relatively more bitter.

OG (Original Gravity) – A measurement of fermentable sugars present in the beer ingredients at the start of the brewing process. A high O.G. represents a high potential alcohol content.

Ask your server about our seasonal beers! Experience a taste of Shawnee.
All prices listed are subject to change.

We are the proud sponsor of our very own ShawneeCraft® artisanal beers:
“Fidelis in Naturam, in Artem Fidelis™” (True to Nature, True to the Craft™). ShawneeCraft® artisan ales and lagers are hand-made with an uncompromising dedication to quality, an unwavering respect for nature and our community, and a deep commitment to good old-fashioned craftsmanship.




Sycamore Lane
Cabernet or Merlot (House) … 6.50 GLASS

Smoking Loon
Syrah … 10.00 GLASS | 50.00 BOTTLE

Pinot Noir … 8.00 GLASS | 40.00 BOTTLE

Greg Norman
Cabernet-Merlot Blend … 13.00 GLASS | 60.00 BOTTLE

Red Blend … 11.00 GLASS | 55.00 BOTTLE

Big House
Zinfandel … 9.00 GLASS | 42.00 BOTTLE


Sycamore Lane
Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, or
White Zinfandel (House) … 6.50 GLASS

Robert Mondavi
Chardonnay … 11.00 GLASS | 55.00 BOTTLE

Sauvignon Blanc … 9.00 GLASS | 42.00 BOTTLE

Riesling … 7.50 GLASS | 37.00 BOTTLE

Sutter Home
Moscato … 7.00 GLASS | 28.00 BOTTLE

Angel Food … 8.00 GLASS | 32.00 BOTTLE