What are the rates for the “Outdoor Glamping Experience”?

Both, the Shawnee “Island Camping Experience” and Shawnee “Luxury Encampment” rates are per person and based on double occupancy.

  • Minimums – Each tent must have a minimum of two paid adults. One adult may not stay alone in a tent at the one adult rate. A child staying with an adult will pay the adult ala carte as the second person in the tent. A single supplement will be charged.
    Each of the camping experiences requires a minimum of two occupied tents. Guests will be notified 72 hours in advance if the two tent minimum has not been met and be given an option to move into other resort accommodations or reschedule their stay.
  • Groups – Group rates and pricing are available. Please call our group sales office at 570-424-4050 x. 1405 or email them at sales@shawneeinn.com.
  • Risks and Rewards – On any outdoor adventure, you may encounter situations that are precarious and can be dangerous. During each camping experience, you will be on the river in a canoe. This experience is magical but may also result in falling in the water, getting your feet muddy or wet, getting items of clothing or bags wet, etc. Our staff will do its best to ensure safe, dry transport. You will also be in the outdoors. You may encounter spiders, mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects. Please plan to bring bug spray to help ward off any of nature’s friends. Our staff will provide items to assist keeping bugs away, but remember. You are in nature. You may face animal encounters. This area of Pennsylvania frequently sees deer, otters, raccoons, squirrels, fox, coyote, bears, and other of mother nature’s kingdom. We strongly believe that these animals want nothing to do with you, just as much as you want nothing to do with them. Safety first. Do not paddle alone. Do not go on a hike alone. Take a lantern or flashlight with you in the dark.