Is there a ‘quiet time’ for our Island Glamping Experience?

The Shawnee “Island Glamping Experience” offers a communal setting. With the ability to set-up seven tents in the campsite, there may be several families and/or individuals camping on the island at the same time. Tents are set-up in close proximity to each other (probably 10 – 12 feet between tents). It really isn’t as intimidating as it sounds, as a matter of fact 

Here are several tips to assist in navigating a communal setting:

  • Leave your phone on vibrate. If you’re going to answer it, walk to the edge of the campsite. It may be important to you, but no one else wants their socializing (or sleep) interrupted.
  • Be respectful. Respect people. Respect their culture. Respect their space. Respect their belongings.
  • Introduce yourself. A polite greeting and introduction go a long way to creating a fun environment.
  • Be quiet. Just use your common sense here, just be considerate of people who may be trying to sleep.