Can I bring my own alcohol to The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort?

We are required to ensure the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages while guests are staying at our historic resort.

  1.  Outside food and beverages are not permitted at our resort. Should outside food and beverages be brought in, it will be removed.
    Coolers may not be brought in and placed in the lobby, on the Veranda, front lawn, etc… We appreciate your cooperation. All food and beverage must be purchased from the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort.
  2. If you are here with a group, alcoholic beverages purchased for consumption in your hospitality room must remain within that designated room. We ask that your group not walk the halls carrying open containers or carry beverages from your hospitality room, opened or unopened, into public rooms; i.e. dining room, lobby, veranda, hallways, etc.
  3. Outside food, beverages, or coolers are also not permitted on the golf course. Our starters and rangers have been instructed to remove these items.