Take your Business Meeting to the Brewery

Within the last fifteen years many pieces of a business have warped and changed to stay current with technology, trends, policies etc. With increase in competition and advances, some traditional parts of the workplace have changed and to stay above the rest one might say creativity and inspiration is important to work into the business model to retain guests, employees and well revenue.
The same goes for meetings. Let’s face it, communication can quickly be accomplished between a work team with email, text messaging, conference calls and even Skype. But there is still that need to sit down at a table across from your co-worker, your secretary, your revenue manager all together in a group, tackle the tasks at hand, and have everyone on the same page so these tasks don’t linger on. This is where creativity and inspiration comes in.
It is sometimes near impossible to get everyone you need to sit down together for a meeting so when the time does come you’re going to want everyone on the top of their game, inspired, full of ideas and participation. That long board table, chairs all in a row, heat just kicking on, poor art work on the walls, really doesn’t drive the return out of your team. Why not move this meeting into a nontraditional setting that will spark the next great idea or solution you’ve all been searching for?
At The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort we have a variety of meeting rooms for all sizes of groups and needs but when your team calls for taking it a step further to dive into that out of box thinking consider the Shawneecraft Brewery for your meeting. Yes! A brewery. It will transform your meeting into a more relaxed environment where the ideas will be endless, conversation will flow easily, inspiration, appreciation and wellness will take the forefront and allow your team not only tackle the agenda but bond and create the connections that maintain a strong work environment.
The Shawnee Inn offers a variety of meeting packages from your basic sit down with coffee breaks to your combination packages where the “stretch your legs” break will be your group’s tour through the brewery to learn about how craft beer is made. Lunch and or dinner can be served right in the brewery and dishes can be customized with beer inspirations and pairings. Located less than 3 miles from interstate 80, on the banks of the Delaware River, it an easy location to get to all in a pristine setting that will rejuvenate your team and leave everyone in your party refreshed and inspired for months to come.

Kourtney Nixon
Social Media Manager