Summer’s Last Hurrah

Time flies when you’re having fun.  No statement in the history of humankind has ever been truer.  It feels like just last week that winter broke and it finally became safe to send the sweaters to the attic.  Before we surrender to autumn’s crisp air and Kaleidoscope of colors, let’s give summer one last hoorah!

August is one of the best times to enjoy the outdoors at The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort.  For starters, the nationally designated Wild and Scenic Delaware River boasts its warmest temperatures in August.  There is no better way to rejuvenate than to float down the crystal clear Delaware River while periodically taking a break for a swim.  We make it easy to get on the river.  Shawnee River Trips offers Canoe, Kayak and Rafting trips daily.  Our river trips base is conveniently located on-property.  Our concierge is happy to make all of the arrangements on your behalf.

Don’t let the shorter days get you down!  August holds some of the summer’s most moderate weather so all of Shawnee’s complimentary guest activities are that much more pleasurable.  From hiking and biking Shawnee’s wilderness trails to evening campfires and s’mores with the family, there is just enough daylight and dusk to please everyone.

Finally, it has never been more affordable to book Shawnee for a mid-week stay in August.  We have a special “Summer’s Last Hoorah” package available for families interested in getting in one last trip before the school year begins.  Click here to learn more.

Article by Jeromy Wo, Public Relations