Schoolcations at Shawnee

Traditional schooling is out and hybrid learning has become the new norm.  At Shawnee we want to help make that transition as simple as possible for our guests. With our Monitored Classroom, Mom and Dad can get a much needed break from teaching. Our distraction free classroom, allows the kids to complete their on-line assignments, while everyone enjoys a break from home. Aside from our classroom, we want our guests to take advantage of all the unique educational opportunities that we have in our own backyard, enter a Schoolcation.

We’ve made a list of local educational opportunities that our guests and their families are sure to enjoy while visiting our Pocono resort.

Additional Things To Do

All of these fun and unique educational opportunities are within a 15 minute drive from Shawnee.

About Shawnee’s Monitored Classroom

Our monitored learning environment will give parents a break and empower the children to complete their virtual learning assignments in a safe, clean, and unique environment. Our monitored classroom is available Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 3:30pm until May 28, 2021.  A 48-hour advance reservation is required for the classroom.

Included in Classroom
  • Room that exceeds CDC and social-distancing guidelines (limited t0 10 students per day)
  • Classroom Monitor to ensure no distractions
  • Strong Wifi to support technological needs
  • Full Recreational Schedule/Recess
  • Optional Delivered Lunch

Learn More about Schoolcations Here.