Get Into The Swing At The Shawnee Practice Facility

Thus far, Shawnee’s golf season has been blessed with ideal weather. Sure, we’ve had our share of rain this year, but we were able to build our famous bridge in March linking the main land to our island Poconos golf course harkening an early start to our season! The rest of this week appears to be just as nice and with Father’s Day just around the corner, could anyone ask for anything more? Bright sunny days, moderate temperatures and golf? In short – yes! Personally, I would love to be born with all the skills needed to win the PGA Championship, but unfortunately I have to hack it out just like everyone else…..

In lieu of natural born talent, what is there for the rest of us slightly above average folks who want to improve their game? Shawnee’s Practice Facility. Newly renovated this season, Shawnee’s golf staff has expanded the driving range in order to allow for the use of drivers. The expansion required us to shorten our Chip & Putt course to six par-three holes. Expanding the range portion of our Practice Facility has allowed us to maximize the benefit of our guests’ advancements while maintaining our superior short course’s integrity.

What’s more is that our Chip & Putt course is still complimentary for The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort’s guests’ use. Shawnee has a very close bond and rich history with the game of golf and we take great pride in sharing that passion with our guests at no cost. The Chip & Putt course is special in that it is geared towards lighted night play and opens in the early evening. During the morning and afternoon, Shawnee’s Tillinghast Golf Academy utilizes the facilities for top notch instruction.

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