Frequently Asked Questions About Glamping

Glamping is growing in popularity every day, and although we recently posted about how fun and unique Shawnee glamping is, we have been receiving many inquiries about our glamping sites, the differences between them, and what they both include. Below is a more detailed description of our glamping sites and anything else you might want to know.

At Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort we offer two different glamping experiences, located at two separate locations. Our first location is Riverside Glamping which is located on the North Lawn facing the Delaware River. Our second site is the Island Glamping which is located on Shawnee Island.

One of our benefits with our Riverside Glamping location is guests may come and go as they please due to the location being close to the main inn and other facilities. There is a bathroom on the side of the recreation center for guests to use during their stay.

Once guests arrive at the Island Glamping location they stay there for the remainder of the night until they depart the following morning. This makes for more of an experience which includes a canoe ride out to Shawnee Island, departing at 6:30 pm. Once arriving on the Island, there will be a camp attendant there to help tend the fire, snacks, drinks, and the included s’mores. Each guest receives three included drinks. Luggage is brought over by the staff and will be waiting in the tents upon guests’ arrival. In the morning guests will receive a fireside breakfast, departing at 11 am for a choice of either a 3-mile canoe ride out to Kittatinny Point or a guided hike.

Guests have a designated bath house for them to use. There is a maximum of four tents on the Island, each tent holding a maximum of four people and we require a two-tent minimum for trips to be made out there. Canoe rides out to the Island continue into October, weather permitting. No outside food is permitted due to the wildlife surrounding the Island Glamping site.

Glamping would not be recommended for the handicapped.

Both glamping sites have beds with pillows and comforters, bedside tables, electricity and high-speed WiFi at their convenience.