Down The Wild and Scenic Delaware River

People who have never visited Shawnee constantly ask me why I am so enthusiastic about our property.  The first thing I tell everyone is that we have the unique honor of being located on the edge of the wild and scenic Delaware River.  Shawnee’s northern section of the Delaware is so pristine that New York City uses our river for half of its drinking water.  And guess what – they don’t even filter it!  That’s the perfectly preserved treasure we enjoy here at Shawnee.

There are so many great opportunities to get on the river while visiting Shawnee and the Pocono Mountains.  At Shawnee River Trips, we have upgraded our kayak fleet with new traditional and Sit-on-Top Kayaks.  But more than anything else, we’re going to deliver you the best service on the river.  Our team has been working hard all winter to innovate new river programs that can only take place at Shawnee. 

From hourly canoe, kayak, and raft rentals to evening paddles to a private island campfire – we have taken our river trips to the next level. 

For more information call 570-424-4000 x1464.