Bracitorium: What’s in a name?

“I feel wonderful drinking beer; in a blissful mood, with joy in my heart and a happy liver.” Sumerian Poem, 3000 BC

I had the privilege this past month of sharing the stage with Dr. Alison Feeney of Shippensburg University for a presentation on the incredibly fascinating Craft Beer industry for ESU’s new “Tasting Tuesdays” series.
Beer, indeed, dates back at least six thousand years. We have clear evidence of beer-drinking among the Sumerians – including the image used for this blog, which shows beer-drinking out of a communal vessel through reed straws. This long history is especially important to the Craft Brewing sector. Long traditional approaches to beer-making are being brought back to our communities – including barrel-aging, souring, classic styles, and more.

What does Bracitorium mean?

When we decided to give our monthly newsletter a name a couple of months ago, several people reached out, asking, “what in the world does ‘Bracitorium’ mean?” Well, like our motto, “Fidelis in Naturam. In Artem Fidelis”, we wanted to use Latin, the language that so expertly brings to mind qualities of tradition, enlightenment, and academia historically found throughout the craft beer industry.
Bracitorium, simply put, is Brewery, in Latin.
Perhaps even more significant is our motto: Fidelis in Naturam. In Artem Fidelis. Latin for “True to Nature. True to the Craft.” Our saying holds true to our brewing as well as our philosophy on running our business. Our brew process starts with all-natural whole-food ingredients sourced locally and as organically as possible. We compost, obsessively recycle, re-use, and donate our spent grains. We brew beer using centuries-old tradition, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and free of any artificial preservatives or shelf stabilizing agents.
See you in the Bracitorium.
Michael Albert, COO, ShawneeCraft Brewing Company
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