Black Friday

As stores bring holiday shopping closer and closer to Halloween, even more emphasis is being placed on the “day of days” to hunt for bargains – Black Friday.  I know that it has been around for a century, but it seems to have just ingrained itself into American culture over the last decade.  It is funny how this “shoppers holiday” has the nation more polarized than presidential politics.  You either have the folks whom despise the notion of buying into the early morning lines of big box stores or the adventure seekers just waiting to brag about the savings they won on that new single-cup coffee maker. 

Me personally – I love Black Friday.  For me, it has become an opportunity to bond with my mom.  We have fully embraced our bargain hunting spirit and have made it our own.  Every Thanksgiving, she packs some extra clothes and plans to camp out at my house after a paralyzing turkey dinner.  We stay up all night watching movies and at around 4:30 am we get ready to 1) drive to the nearest electronics store to gaze at the absurd lines of people waiting for their numbers to be called (this helps us justify our own absurdity) and 2) christen the holiday shopping season.

So what does Shawnee have in store for your Black Friday tradition this year?  You will just have to wait and see.  However, you are the lucky ones.  First and foremost there is no line to endure or cold weather in which to brace.  Our Black Friday celebration is purely delivered online and there is no inconvenience offered in exchange for your savings. 

If you are seeing this e-mail, rest assured that one day soon you will find in your inbox an invitation to take part in Shawnee’s biggest sale of the year.