A Right To Marry, But Is Marriage Right For You?

“Why get married, and why now?”, a stirring question for many couples thinking about wedded matrimony, whether heterosexual or lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgendered (LGBT). The decision is not as easy as portrayed in romantic comedies, but becomes even more difficult for many same-sex partners.

It’s been a year since same-sex marriage was legally recognized in Pennsylvania on May 20, 2014, and on April 28, 2015 the Supreme Court will reconvene to discuss legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states. What does this mean to you if you a gay couple in America? Does this mean you should run and get ‘hitched’ at that cute little white church on the corner you pass daily by your house? Not necessarily. Marriage is for two people in love who wish to share their lives together and perhaps raise a family, not just a political ruling giving you the ‘right’ to marry. It’s important to take time as a couple to decide what’s best for you.

LGBT couples have been making relationship commitments since time began. No real news here. However, if you’re ready to say, “I do”, it’s good to know The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort has a wedding specialist who’s arranged customized same-sex ceremonies for over ten years. Just give her a call at 570-424-4000 x1407, fill out a request a proposal form, or simply email her at weddings@shawneeinn.com when you’re ready to tie the knot.

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