A Full Moon Paddle

The water is calmer now, the sun, just about set, and the warm air coming off the river gives you the comfort of the summer. The full moon above reflecting off the water paints a path to follow with every paddle. Whether you’ve enjoyed the Delaware many times or this is your first experience, the calm pristine setting of the Delaware River after sunset will captivate you.

Listen to the bull frogs on the banks, the lapping of the water, fish making a splash and you become one with this beautiful environment as the moon above is all the light you need. This peaceful full moon paddle on the Delaware River is the perfect unspoiled experience  to add to your Pocono Mountains vacation and for paddlers of all ages.

At the conclusion of your trip, roast marshmallows and make s’mores over a campfire; and you thought it couldn’t get sweeter! This unique experience is bundled together for only $25 and includes everything you need, but hurry! There are only three full moon paddles left this summer! July 31, August 29, and September 28. Click here for more info or to make reservations and we will see you on the next full moon!